Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers

Within the commercial market, over 700 customers use natural gas for various heating and cooling applications including:

•  clothes drying

•  food preparation

•  pottery making

•  lighting

•  backup power generation

•  air -conditioning.


Application for a New Service

All applications for commercial use of natural gas must be accompanied by the requisite customer deposit and installation fee. The customer deposit represents two months anticipated consumption based on your required load.

When making an application for service, please ensure that you produce the following documents.

•  Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)

•  Equipment Type Load

•  Identification Card of person signing application card

Contact Mr Wosley Holder at

For your information see Cost comparisons of fuel options at August 2013.


Rate Schedule


First 0 – 150 cubic metres

Next – 2250 cubic metres

Next – 6300 cubic metres

Over – 8700 cubic metres