Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile

The National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) is a statutory body set up with responsibility for the management of the distribution of natural gas supply for domestic, commercial and industrial use in Barbados. The purpose of the enterprise is to provide and maintain an adequate, reliable, competitive, safe and efficient gas service to customers at a reasonable cost.

The Corporation’s general functions of the production of crude oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, which are permitted by statute, are carried out by an associated company, the Barbados National Oil Company (BNOCL). Since January 2006, the Corporation has held 24.5% of the equity in BNOCL while the Government of Barbados holds the remainder.

Corporate Structure

The Corporation falls under the portfolio of Senator the Hon. Darcy W. Boyce, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Energy, Immigration, Telecommunications and Invest Barbados.  The Corporation is managed by a Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Mr. Noel Greenidge.

Other members of the Board are:

Mr. Ken Linton – Deputy Chairman
Mr. Mark Parris
Ms. Nancy Solomon – Representative of Barbados Workers Union
Miss Juliet Downes
Mr. Algernon Atherley
Mr. Hodson Carrington
Ms. Doreen Johnson
Mr. Winton Gibbs – General Manager, BNOCL
Ms. Faye Prescod – Representative of the Permanent Secretary, Finance
Ms. Francine Blackman – Representative of the Division of Energy
Ms. Laura Rudder – Secretary to the Board


Department Heads
Mr. James Browne – General Manager
Ms. Mechelle Smith – Manager, Human Resources and Administration
Mr. Birchmore Scantlebury – Manager, Finance
Mr. Roger Martindale – Manager, Technical Operations

Senior Officers
Technical Operations
Mrs. Andrea Burnett-Edward – Technical Officer
Mr. Wosley Holder – Technical Officer, Service Installations Coordinator
Jamal Squires – Petroleum Engineer
Michael D Bascombe – Superintendent(ag)
Michael J. Bascombe – Foreman
Dave Downes – Foreman(ag)
Charles Price – Supervisor, Drawings & Records

Human Resources & Administration
Basil Smart – Administrative Officer
Francine Forde – Human Resources Officer

Finance & Accounting
Ian Bradshaw – Accountant
Karen Pilgrim – Asst. Accountant Costs & Budgets
Paula Gittens – Customer Service Officer
Margo Jordan – Meter Reading Supervisor(ag)
Euclid Forde – Storekeeper

Executive Office
Damien Catlyn – Health Safety, Security and Environmental Officer
Noel King – Information Technology Officer(ag)


Internal Structure of The Organisation
The Corporation’s staff complement of approximately 120 members is divided between the key areas of Finance and Accounting, Technical Operations and Human Resources and Administration.

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting department is headed by the Manager-Finance (MF) and is responsible for the accounting, financial and customer service duties within the Corporation. He is supported by his team which includes a Customer Services Officer, Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Meter Reading Supervisor and Storekeeper.

Technical Operations

The largest department within the Corporation, the Technical Operations department has responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the Corporations natural gas network and network connections. It also holds the responsibility for the Sales and Marketing. The Technical Operations department is managed by the Manager – Technical Operations (MTO).

Human Resources and Administration

The Human Resources and Administration department is headed by the Manager-Human Resources and Administration. Charged with the responsibility for staff matters, purchasing, asset and resources management the HR & Admin department is supported by an Administrative Officer as well as a Human Resources Officer, clerical and ancillary staff.

Financial Reports

Financial Report 2003 – 2004

Financial Report 2004 – 2005

Financial Report 2005 – 2006

Financial Report 2007 – 2008

Natural gas is a colourless, odourless fuel that burns cleaner than many other fossil fuels and is used worldwide for heating, cooling, production of electricity and other applications.


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National Petroleum Corporation Wildey, St. Michael Barbados 11000
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