Customer Service

Natural Gas Safety.

If you are planning home renovations, be sure that any digging will not damage the natural gas lines serving your homeFor your safety you should always have your appliances regularly serviced and know the common warning signs of problems e.g. your pilot light is out and will not stay on, appliance burner is slow to light or you have a yellow flame instead of bl…read more

Residential Customer

Join over 16,000 householders who make natural gas the fuel of choice in parts of eight parishes in the island. While the primary use of natural gas in Barbadian homes is cooking, there is also limited use of natural gas for water heating and clothes drying.

Application for New Service

If natural gas is available in your street you will need to visit the office in person and complete an application for natural gas service contract. The relevant fees payable consist of an

  • – Installation fee ( main to Meter) $176.25 VAT inclusive
  • – Application Fee $ 50.00
  • – Internal/In-house Installation fee $176.25/$267.80 VAT inclusive**

The installation of the internal/in-house service by the Corporation is opti…read more

Commercial Customers

Application for a New Service

All applications for commercial use of natural gas must be accompanied by the requisite customer deposit and installation fee. The customer deposit represents two months anticipated consumption based on your required load.

When making an application for service, please ensure that you produce the following documents.

– Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)
– Equipment Load/ Information
– Identification Card of person signing application card

Contact Mr Wosley Holder at
For your information see comparative analysis of fuel options.