Residential Customers

Residential Customer

Join over 16,000 householders who make natural gas the fuel of choice in parts of eight parishes in the island. While the primary use of natural gas in Barbadian homes is cooking, there is also limited use of natural gas for water heating and clothes drying.

Application for New Service

If natural gas is available in your street you will need to visit the office in person and complete an application for natural gas service contract. The relevant fees payable consist of an

  • – Installation fee ( main to Meter) $176.25VAT inclusive
  • – Application Fee $50.00
  • – Internal/In-house Installation fee starting at $176.25/$267.80 VAT inclusive

The installation of the internal/in-house service by the Corporation is optional. Customers can have this part of the installation completed by a private contractor.

Application for Existing Service – Unseal/Reinstall Meter

Where a natural gas installation already exists on your property you will be required to visit our office and complete an application for natural gas contract which includes payment of the attached fees:

  • – Application Fee $50.00
  • – Unseal/Reinstall Meter $58.75 VAT inclusive

Applicants requesting this type service are required to have their internal/in-house pipe work in place and appliances connected before the gas service is turned back on.

Application for the Repositioning of a Gas Service

Request for the repositioning of gas meter/service should be made in writing. A letter may be sent to the Corporation or a Service Request Form may be completed at NPC’s Customer Service desk.

Application for Special Meter Test

Customers requiring a special test on their meter are required to complete an Application for Meter Testing form and pay the charges of $25.00 VAT inclusive. Should the test show that the meter is faulty, you will be reimbursed this fee.

Termination of Natural Gas Service

On the termination of service please note that once all debts owed to the Corporation have been dissolved, the application fees paid then become refundable.

Rate Schedule

  • Monthly consumption charge of $1.70 per cubic metre.
  • Fxied charge of $5.00 per month for each domestic meter.
  • Value Added Tax of 17.5% is payable on the bill.
  • 10% discount will be allowed if payment is made within 15 days of the date of billing.