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Project Initiatives

National Gas Mains Replacement

The natural gas mains pipeline replacement project covers a total of over 41,000 ft (12.5 km) of gas, cast iron mains along Highway 7, Bridgetown and My Lord’s Hill.

The infrastructural replacement along Highway 7 covers 12,260 feet (3.7 km) and the changeover of 225 live service connections from Dover to Worthing Main Road, Christ Church and its tributary roads. The Highway 7 Tributary Roads cover 9,784 feet (3 km) and the changeover of 120 live service connections from Rendezvous, Christ Church to the Chamberlain Bridge (Independence Arch) in Bridgetown, St. Michael.

The infrastructural replacement in Bridgetown covers 15,555 feet (4.74 km) of natural gas cast iron main and the changeover of 260 live service connections from Chamberlain Bridge (Independence Arch), Bridgetown, St. Michael to The Mighty Grynner Highway (formerly Spring Garden Highway), St. Michael (excluding Lakes Folly, St. Michael).

The My Lord's Hill replacement covers 3,491 feet (1.06 km) of main and the changeover of 100 live service connections from Belle to Flint Hall, St. Michael via Licorish Village and My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael.

Bioenergy Development

The Renewable Energy Team is currently executing activities and projects to incorporate biomethane into the energy supply mix of the NPC. Biomethane, also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a combustible gas that is produced from biogas that has undergone a treatment known as 'upgrading'. The upgrading process ensures that biomethane has a composition as similar as possible to that of traditional natural gas, ensuring that no changes to equipment have to be made downstream by customers.

Automotive Compressed Natural Gas

The Business Development Team is exploring the opportunities of offer compressed natural gas for vehicle fueling. As the world transitions away from traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles for greener options, the NPC is well positioned to offer products for the CNG vehicle market segment.

Geomatics Project

The Geomatics Team is leveraging geospatial technologies to deliver innovative solutions for complex challenges. They specialize in a wide array of geomatics services including:

  • Asset Mapping (Island-wide GPS Surveys to accurately locate your organization’s assets)
  • Enterprise GIS (Have your organization’s spatial and asset information at Your fingertips across multiple devices)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services (A remote sensing technology we use to locate underground utilities to help you effectively plan projects)
Natural Gas Generators

The Business Development Team is currently rolling out an initiative to supply natural gas generators for residential and commercial use. Natural Gas Generators are the ideal option for standby and prime power to ensure the reliability of power supply to businesses and homes under all weather and market conditions.

Energy Management Program

The Energy Management Program intends to assist with utilizing energy conservation and energy efficiency measures in our customer base. The team conducts energy assessments to identify any actions that can be taken to reduce overall energy costs. In addition, they assist with exploring any renewable energy solutions or energy redundancy opportunities.