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Residential Customers

Residential Customers

Join over approximately 22,000 customers who make natural gas the fuel of choice in eight parts of parishes in the island. While the primary use of natural gas in Barbadian homes is cooking, there are several other uses of Natural Gas.  

New Service Application

After confirmation of accessibility, the application fee for a New Service is $402.50 VAT inclusive.  This cost includes one (1) length of 3/4" pipe, connection and adjustments to one (1) appliance. (please indicate if more than one (1) appliance to be connected, additional fees are required)

An option is available to customers to pay a deposit of $226.25 and sign an agreement to be billed the balance within three (3) months after installation is completed.

The fee is broken down as follows: -

  • Refundable Customer Deposit - $50.00
  • Installation Fee (Connection Main to Meter Position) - $176.25 
  • Internal/In-house Installation Fee - (Single unit 4 or 6 burner stove) $176.25

The completion of the internal/in-house service is optional.  This can be done by NPC or by a Private Contractor of your choice.  However, it is preferred that guidance is provided by our Drawing and Records Department before laying of pipes.

Restoration of Service – Unseal/Reinstall Meter

Where a Natural Gas infrastructure already exists on a property, you will be required to complete an application for service which includes the fee of $108.75 VAT inclusive.

The fee is broken down as follows: -

  • Refundable Customer Deposit - $50.00
  • Reconnection Fee - $58.75

Applicants requesting these type of services are required to have their internal and in-house appliance(s) connected.  After this, please call our Customer Service Team to schedule an appointment to have the gas turned back on. 

Application for the Repositioning of a Gas Service

Request for the repositioning of gas meter/service should be made in writing. A letter may be sent to the Corporation or a Service Request Form may be completed at NPC’s Customer Service.

Transfer of Service

  1. Moving from one location using the natural gas infrastructure to another location that has complete natural gas infrastructure (Unseal Meter)
  2. Moving from one location using the natural gas infrastructure to another location that has natural gas infrastructure but WITHOUT the meter erected. (Reinstall Meter)
  3. Moving from one location with natural gas infrastructure to another that has natural gas accessible in the area but NO connection to the property. (New Service)

High Consumption Testing/Billing

Monitoring your gas accounts is one of the many ways to ensure safety at your property. If your gas account is ‘flagged’ indicating an increase of usage compared to the previous month, we will test the service for any leaks. Customers can also request this service if they believe their usage does not compare to what they are billed.

Testing Internal Lines

All internal lines are tested by the NPC before gas is turned on for all service applications.

Change Meter

Several factors would enable the change meter service. E.g., Meter not registering, Index damaged, service upgraded from domestic to commercial.

Temporary Disconnection

Customer requests NPC to temporarily disconnect their natural gas service with the intention of reconnecting at a later date. this temporary disconnect surpasses one (1) year, the service will be automatically permanently disconnected.

Permanent Disconnection

Customer requests NPC to permanently disconnect their natural gas service with the intention of not reconnecting the service.

Request for a Termination of Service should be made in writing.  A Permanent Disconnection Form is available from the Customer Service Department or on request through email. 

Please note a final bill will be generated, providing all debts owed to the Corporation have been dissolved, the Refundable Customer Deposit paid when application was made will then become refundable to the applicant.


Residential Application For The Supply Of Natural Gas

You are authorizing the National Petroleum Corporation to deliver your monthly Natural Gas Bill(s) electronically. A ten (10) day notice is required to withdraw the electronic delivery of your Natural Gas Bill(s) and reinstate manual billing.

It is important to receive your monthly bill(s), therefore, please ensure an accurate email address is entered in this form. (ONLY ONE EMAIL ADDRESS PER ACCOUNT HOLDER)

Service fee:

I/We, hereby declare that I am aware that any contract entered into with the National Petroleum Corporation is subject to the National Petroleum Corporation’s Regulations 2017, and I further declare that all statements made by me in this application are true and accurate.